I’m Reading…To Paris with Love

To Paris with Love written by Carl Weber is the third book in the Duncan Family Business novels. I have to admit Carl Weber is my guilty pleasure. He writes urban African American fiction that usually focuses on money, sex, and family relations. I enjoy Carl Weber,  he can write from the female and male perspective beautifully.

Sometimes male authors have trouble writing believable female characters and Carl Weber does a great job. As for the book, To Paris with Love, the reader comes to learn the history of Paris Duncan, the troubleshooter in the Duncan Family. We meet Paris at her school for assassins. She is at the top of class and still able to catch every man’s eye she comes across. However, at home there is trouble, and if you are familiar with the previous novels you know Paris is a hothead and reacts first then questions later. So to keep her out of trouble, the family decides she will stay in Spain while on vacation from school.

However, they forget somehow Ms. Paris tends to get in trouble wherever she goes. She somehow gets ensnared in assassin jobs with a young man named Niles. Niles has been an assassin for many years and he comes with his own baggage. These two make quite the odd couple. Paris learns a lot from Niles during their time together. Eventually, Paris has to make a difficult decision: love or family. What do you think wins out?

Happy Reading!


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